Watch Twenty One Pilots Perform 'Stressed Out' Live With Different Lyrics

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Twenty One Pilots blew up massively with their new album 'Blurryface'.
Their single 'Stressed Out' however, is by far, the most favourite of all.
Always when a song from an alternative band becomes ragingly popular, real fans start to reject this song.
'People who only know Stressed Out are fake fans' blabla. You know the quotes!

The bands are not stupid, and they also get notifications from people who write such things.
Vocalist (and much more) Tyler Joseph decided to change the lyrics from the first verse at yesterday's show.

The lyrics were sung as followed:
'I wish I wrote a different song no one's ever heard
I wish my mom would just admit she's sick of every word
Overplayed, overstayed, it was a smash hit, funny how overplayed songs sound like crap
I was told our true fans don't like this song, but I hope they sing along, but I hope they sing along.'

Of course big fans know the words to every song, but there are also people who would like to call themselves fan because they know one song by heart.
Let's not bash on them, shall we?
Music is for everybody to enjoy. Everyone enjoys it differently.
One way isn't necessarily better than the other!

Below, you'll be able to watch Twenty One Pilots perform the new verse live.
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