Waterparks’ Awsten Knight Performed With Simple Plan At Warped Tour


Written by Abigail Russell
Yes, you read that correctly.  Awsten got on stage with Simple Plan at Warped Tour and performed their hit song “I’m Just A Kid” with the band. 
The first part of Simple Plan’s performance went as planned, with lots of jumping, screaming, and crowdsurfing fans enjoying some of their old favorite songs.  But partway through their final song, the band invited Awsten onstage to help them close out the performance.

The fans absolutely loved the surprise collaboration, and the crowd energy was electric.  But the audience wasn’t just composed of punk rock enthusiasts and Warped Tour junkies- there was somebody big watching this performance come together.

​That’s right.  Joan Jett was in the audience and watched the whole thing go down.  Awsten was ecstatic and immediately took to Twitter to share his enthusiasm.  
Overall, the Waterparks frontman had a pretty great weekend. 

In addition to his collab with Simple Plan and getting to meet the incredible Joan Jett, Awsten's fake band December’s Tragedy also released a very real single, entitled "City Street Serenade." 

Did you attend the last Warped Tour ever?  If so, did you get to witness this amazing performance? Check out the Warped Tour collab and the new single below, and let us know what you think!

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
30-07-2018 3 mins read
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