We Attended The Emo Brunch & Here's What We Experienced

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Last Sunday in London, at Zigfrid von Underbelly, we were able to attend the first ever Emo brunch! As a world first, we weren’t really sure exactly what to expect, but the event quickly showed itself as having a fun and social atmosphere, for a whole genre to hang out and chat with friends, old and new. 

The event, held in a quirky, comfortable venue with such unusual décor which really heightened the Emo vibes, showed a respect for a genre with such loyal fans. With people who had enjoyed the genre for 10 years plus in attendance, the event held a clear respect for a scene which may not be respected at other music events. People with brightly coloured hair, eyeliner and band shirts represented the fans of the genre gathered for this one-of- a-kind event.

The Emo brunch got underway quickly with buffet food and free alcohol (thanks to free drink tokens!) as the atmosphere grew, with people both chatting to their friends and singing along to old Emo anthems, including songs from such loved bands like Panic! At the Disco, Jimmy Eats World, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. From the amount of hits being sung from various members of different friendship groups, the influences these songs (and the bands) had on the genre was highlighted throughout the event. 

Moving downstairs into a small, comfortable room with a stage at the front, the live entertainment for the Brunch began to set up. People waited in anticipation as Exam season, a ‘socially awkward’ Indie Rock band from Ringwood, played a special stripped back set of their own songs to the chilled audience. The stripped back set really allowed focus to be on the sometimes meaningful yet funny lyrics of songs they had written themselves, often about topical issues, poking fun at them, such as one song titled ‘TV Routines.’ The chilled out vibe of the set allowed people to relax to the music as they continued to drink. 
(Exam season opening the live music set with their stripped- back set)

The highlight, and finale of the Brunch was UK Fall Out Boy tribute band, Fell Out Boy, who absolutely stole the show. With vocals sounding almost scarily like the very own Patrick Stump, the managed to instantly get the crowd up on their feet and dancing as they began their set with ‘Phoenix.’ Keeping the onstage energy throughout the set, with the guitarist even playing up to the crowd by standing on the speaker, they entertained with fall out boy songs both old and new, with hits such as ‘Centuries’, ‘This ain’t a scene’ and ‘Where is your boy tonight?’ The energy the band held clearly influenced the vibe of the audience who started a giant marsh mellow fight (in Emo fashion, of course!) their own little twists on songs, stripping back instruments to heighten focus on vocals and crowd interaction, getting them to sing certain lines, really added extra fun to not only their set, but the event as a whole. 
(Fell Out Boy entertaining the large crowd)

With classic Emo hits playing throughout, The Emo Brunch managed to capture what the Emo scene was exactly about, in a safe space to allow fans of Emo music to mix in a comfortable quirky environment and showed exactly why there is a need and such a want for events similar (though the Emo brunch is sure to always be one of a kind!) we can’t wait for the next one! 

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