Why Did Matt Skiba Join Blink-182? He Shares It In New Interview


Matt Skiba recently sat down with Music Radar to discuss a great variety of topics.
One of the topics that were discussed was Matt Skiba's reasoning behind joining Blink-182.
On this matter, Skiba shared the following with Music Radar:

“The thing that sold me on it was Travis [Barker] and Mark’s [Hoppus] certainty that I was the right fit. When they asked me, I thought that if those guys thought I could do it then I would do it. I didn’t know what the fans were going to say.”

At first, Skiba was afraid of what the fans might say, but he knew with support from Barker and Hoppus, he'd fit right in and made the right call joining Blink-182:

“But it was an easy transition in the same way that when Trio makes a new record, at some point you want to keep the fans in mind but you also want to make something that means something to you. This new situation, it seems, thinking back, that a lot has transpired, and a lot has—my life has changed completely, but at the same time it is familiar.”

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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
11-07-2017 2 mins read
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