With Confidence And Milestones Have Been Robbed


In recent weeks there has been what appears to be a spate of robberies across the world, in which many of the alternative scene's favourite bands have had money, equipment and possessions stolen from vans and venues. The latest victims of such cowardly crimes are With Confidence, the pop punk quartet from Sydney, Australia, and their current tour support, Manchester-born Milestones.

​With Confidence and Milestones, along with Safe to Say and Broadside, were playing a show last night (March 4th) at Rock City in Nottingham as part of With Confidence's current UK run to celebrate their debut album 'Better Weather'. At around 7:30pm, before the show had even begun, a currently unidentified thief broke into the room where the band's guitars and other equipment was being stored, and stole one guitar belonging to With Confidence, a black American Standard Fender Stratocaster, and a second belonging to Milestones, which was a black Fender Jazz Bass, along with several pieces of equipment that were attached to the guitars ready for the show.

​Both bands have released statements (which you can read below for a full description of the items stolen), along with images taken from CCTV footage which shows the thief breaking into the storeroom and taking the two guitars, in the hope someone will be able to identify the man responsible. Both bands have pledged to continue the tour, however covering the cost of the stolen equipment will put a strain on both their finances. If you would like to help, Milestones have put some new t-shirt designs up on their merch store, and the links to both bands' online stores are below if you would like to purchase something to help the bands cover the cost of the new equipment. The bands have also asked if anyone sees a guitar for sale online or in second hand stores in the Nottingham area which matches the description of their stolen items, to please get in touch via email at withconfidenceband@live.com.au.

​The financial and emotional strain that robberies such as this put on young, upcoming artists can be immense, and we here at Strife want to take this opportunity to send our support to With Confidence and Milestones, and we sincerely hope that the cowardly person who committed this crime is caught and the items he stole are retrieved.

With Confidence's online store: https://withconfidence.merchnow.com/
Milestones' online store:Milestones.Hartmoordistribution.co.uk
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Glenn van den Bosch Glenn van den Bosch
05-03-2017 3 mins read
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