You Can Win Pete Wentz' Bass From Fall Out Boy's 'Dance Dance' Video By Donating For An Important Cause

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Adam T. Siska from The Academy Is... is offering the Fender P-Bass which he got from Pete Wentz as a gift while The Academy Is... was touring with Fall Out Boy in the UK in the spring of 2006.
Pete Wentz played it in Fall out Boy's 'Dance Dance' video.

He is not giving it away for fun, but for an important cause.
Members of his family lost their homes when hurricane's Irma and maria hit the Virgin Islands in September.

Through GoFundMe he raised some money but not nearly enough.
With any donation on his GoFundMe page you have the chance to win the bass.

Donors will also be getting band merch from The Academy Is...
You can make the donation here.

You can watch the bass being played in the video below:

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