Help! I’m not creative.

Ben Steenstra
25 Mar 2019 | 4 mins read

There are people in the world who truly believe they are not creative. As if in the past they never as a child had a great fantasy and never made a beautiful - sometimes meaningless - drawing. Everyone is creative. The problem is that some people have suppressed some of the characteristics of creativity in such a way that their creativity doesn't come to the surface.

You are not what you create

If you believe that you have lost your creativity, it is important to first understand what creativity is. Most encyclopedias describe creativity as the ability to invent something new. This is not incorrect, but it is incomplete. Creativity is also often only linked to artists and advertisers. Again not incorrect, but incomplete. Therefore below an overview of what creativity consists of.

The essential qualities to be a creative

Creativity is a collective term of various qualities. That is why it is difficult to get a grip on the concept of creativity and we usually use examples of the outcome of creativity instead of describing what it is.

Creativity consists essentially of the synergy between the qualities below

  • Originality The ability to come up with original ideas, thoughts and solutions from scratch.

  • Innovate The ability to improve something that already exists through small or large adjustments.

  • Concept thinking The ability to think thematically and give meaning to a whole of factors.

  • Being able to put concepts into practice The ability to convert thematic ideas into concrete elements.

  • Mental flexibility The ability to view objects, ideas, words and thoughts from different angles without taking your own truth as a fixed fact.

  • Can switch quickly The ability not to get stuck in 1 range of ideas and to be able to release your own truth and opinions quickly.

To be creative (again) a combination of the above qualities is needed. All qualities that an average person has little trouble learning.

You are not what you create

As mentioned before, creativity is not something you never had and you have to learn now. You have unlearned it yourself. Almost all children score a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 when it comes to the combination of skills needed to be creative. As a child, you could proudly present a jumble of pen stripes on paper as if it were the most detailed reflection of your beloved teddy bear. You had no shame about your creation that only you understood. You did not identify yourself with what you created.

Anxiety by obstructing beliefs

By identifying yourself with what you create, you run the risk of taking feedback on the creation and seeing it as criticism of yourself. Most of us do not speak openly about or present our creations because of the fear of rejection.

The belief that you are what you make, say or fantasize is what is called obstructing beliefs. You are much more than just your creation! Many people who do not call themselves creative have a form of reduced resilience. This is the art of dealing with setbacks like negative feedback or not even experiencing a setback.

People who are resilient will never take feedback personally and ventilate their ideas, creations or fantasies without any fear or shame. These are often referred to as creative people. Something you can also learn with the help of a life coach on CallTheONE.

Do you want to know more about creativity coaching to get your creativity back on the surface? Then call a life coach via the Live Video connection. You pay per minute and the first minute is free.

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