Online relationship therapists and experts

Not all relationship problems need hours of relationship therapy to be solved. Some difficult relationship problems have a simple solution. For this reason the relationship coaches, relationship aids and good relationship therapists are always directly available via live video interaction. These relationship therapists/relationship coaches are paid per minute. Therefore you never have to pay more than the time for relationship help you need.

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At TheONE several relationship coaches, relationship supporters and relationship therapists have registered to help you with all kinds of questions in the area of relationships. The affiliated specialists look at the relationship problems from various points of view, so that your relationship problems can be placed in the right context. Call The One is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to get advice about the relationship problems you experience. If the selected relationship coach/therapist/help does not meet the requirements, you simply choose another TheONE expert who can help you with your relationship problems.

With TheONE you can have all relationship therapists, relationship supporters or relationship coaches in an app at hand. Therefore, download the app and if necessary, click on the "call me" function for the desired help. You will immediately get the help you need without spending hours in relationship therapy.

Let yourself be supported remotely by targeted relationship therapy! Why?

  • Fast and targeted advice from qualified TheONE experts with experience in the field of relationships!
  • Do not pay more for relationship therapy than the time needed for your relationship problems
  • Get instant contact with various relationship therapists, relationship supporters or relationship coaches, who can provide you with the necessary relationship advice

Relationship problems? Call The One for targeted relationship support!

It's, however, you turn it around an ever-growing problem in the world; relationship problems! More and more couples nowadays experience problems in their relationship, this relationship problems can have various causes:

  • Inadequate communication in a relationship
  • Lack of trust
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction
  • Reduced attraction to each other
  • Growing discontent/quarrels

There is always a solution for your relationship problems. TheONE has a number of qualified relationship therapists, relationship coaches and relationship supporters who can help you solve your relationship problems. You can also first try a counselor to mediate. Of course, we are not saying that it will be an easy process but sacrifices must be made to overcome the relationship problems!

Authorized Relationship Therapists, Relationship Coaches and Relationship Supporters! Is TheONE there for you?

After a while, you notice that the relationship problems do not solve themselves automatically. Seek the advice of a TheONE affiliated relationship support or relationship coach. Find a good relationship therapist who suits you. This way you can get advice that can give your relationship a new chance of success.

Because relationship therapy reimbursement is not covered by your basic insurance, it is advisable to call an expert in some cases. Call The One can be a relatively inexpensive solution compared to normal costs for relationship therapy. Besides the fact that Call The One is relatively cheap compared to normal relationship therapy, it also has the great advantage that there is always someone directly available to help you with your problems. Because of this, there is always someone who can provide you with good advice. There are several unpleasant consequences of ongoing relationship problems:

  • Reduced health, relationship problems cause stress and as a result of this stress, your health can get worse.
  • Unhappiness, you no longer feel comfortable in your relationship with your partner. The result is that you experience more stress and can end up in depression or a burn out.
  • Weight gain, as a result of the quarrels and problems you eat more, sleep worse and gain weight. This is not good for your health.

Relationship problems are first and foremost not nice, but they can also have a negative effect on your health. So tackle your relationship problems and call one of TheONES affiliated relationship supporters!

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