Resilience coaches

Resilience coaches are essentially life coaches that help you deal with difficult situations. Because the step to a coach or therapy for people with reduced resistance is often very large, you can now first call a coach. Find a resilience coach that fit your needs and with a push of a button you can set up a Live Video Connection. The first minute is free and after that you pay per minute.

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Everybody will sooner or later face setbacks in his or her life. Resilience is the art of handling these setbacks easily in a flexible way. That is not to say that you should not have or should not feel emotions. The point is that the emotions do not stay or control you and that you recognize and control your emotions.

Sometimes it can feel as if everything is always wrong. In the past you were bullied, now your colleagues are nasty to you and your manager doesn’t even care about you. Your partner has deceived you and you were almost hit by a car on your way home. In short, life is not nice to you. Some people become depressed or end up in a burnout. Others can no longer deal with the situation with common sense. In that case, a resilience coach offers a solution.

How do you notice reduced resistance?

  • It feels like only one more small thing has to happen before you explode
  • Everyone always seems to be against you
  • You are often emotionally in the form of anger or sadness
  • You quickly lose your patience and concentration is not your strongest point anymore
  • You quickly feel guilty when something happens even though you know deep down that you are not guilty about anything
  • You like to be sarcastic even if you receive feedback that this is not desirable
  • You prefer to avoid quarrels and conflicts
  • a combination and variation of the above

Resilience is a broad concept and has many more symptoms than the above. You can do various resilience tests online, but you can also contact specialized resistance coaches directly at CallTheONE.

Reduced resilience is not a disease but a disturbed way of giving meaning.

We give meaning to everything we hear and see. Sometimes conscious and sometimes seemingly unconscious. A less resilient person will give more easily a negative meaning to a situation or a person than someone who feels comfortable. A resistance coach usually examines in the first instance what style you use to give meaning and what meanings you give to situations, people, the world, time and yourself. By giving you alternative insights you will be better able to deal with situations without negative feelings.

Causes of reduced resistance

There can be various causes that make you less resistant. Less nutritions, exercises and not enough sleep can lower your resilience, but are rarely the cause. Traumas are often a cause, but usually in combination with other factors. The resistance coaches at TheONE examine with you the cause, but only to determine what the best treatment plan is.

Resilience training for adults.

There are various resilience training courses varying from 1 day to sometimes 2 weeks. By first contacting a TheONE resilience coach, you know very quickly whether you will benefit from a resilience training.

Resibility in children: Children can also have mentally reduced resilient. Pay attention within CallTheONE whether the resistance coach also has experience with children. As a parent, consider that resilience has nothing to do with standing up for yourself by violence. This is often a form of reduced resilience.

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