Michael Klinkhamer
22 Mar 2019 | 2 mins read

Can I bring other people on my tour?

Yes, all of our tours are private so it will just be you, our photographer, and whoever you would like to bring along. Whether they are family, friends, or other photographers, we welcome you to bring three additional people.

What equipment should I bring?

At a bare minimum, a camera. For night photography a tripod and a cable release or remote are not necessary but would be useful. Anything else is up to you and what you want to get from the tour. If you have a polarizer, ND filters or a flash and you want to learn more about them, bring them along.

It is difficult for us to give suggestions on what lenses to bring as the answer will change from photographer to photographer. It depends on your lens arsenal, what you usually shoot with, what kind of photography you enjoy and how much weight you are comfortable carrying. For further insight, read our blog What lens should I pack?

Do I need a tripod?

A tripod is recommended for any of our tours that operates at night time. If you don't have one, or you're not travelling with one, you can rent a Manfrotto BeFree tripod (or similar) from us for a nominal cost. Just select the tripod extra during checkout. Or if you already booked your tour, you can select one here. Please note, we can only rent one tripod per tour for logistical reasons.

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