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Meghan Haddock

Project Management. My passion is health & wellnes

Travis County, United States

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English Native

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Monday 08:00 - 18:00 (UTC-5)
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I'm the ONE who can guide you through everything natural. From homemade skin care & hair care, vegan and/or gluten free living, weightloss, and any additional health & wellness coaching.

My areas of expertise
  • Beauty & Health specialists
    • Natural skin care
    • DIY skin care
    • Healthy hair
    • natural alternatives
  • Kitchen & BBQ masters
    • Vegan
    • Gluten-free
  • Food & health trainers
    • Weight loss
    • Lifestyle vs diet
  • Life coaches
    • Health and wellness
About me

I've been on a health and wellness journey for nearly 2 years. It was a complete lifestyle overhaul that included diet and all products in my life that were not natural (chemical laden). I became vegan & started making all my skincare, haircare, and cleaning products at home. This year I went gluten free due to health reasons. It's been eye opening and life changing. I am very knowledgeable of the natural world and invested in the lifestyle. I have seen a difference from the change in what I ate and the products I used. I am more than happy to help or answer questions.