Meditation for beginners

Meditation for beginners can start for you at CallTheONE. Various meditation coaches and gurus accompany you from a distance to improve your meditation technique. They use Live Video Interaction. You do not need to have your camera on when they accompany you. You pay the meditation session automatically per minute and the first minute is free to get acquainted first.

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Meditation has many manifestations and meditation can be done for a long or short time per day. It is believed that meditation comes from Hinduism and Buddhism, but that is uncertain. In meditation you want to balance body and mind and that is probably a wish that is at least as old as mankind itself.

Just like faith and yoga, meditation also has different movements that are all represented on TheONE. For one person, another form of meditation works better than for another.

Why is meditation good for everyone?

Even though many do not agree on which form of meditation works best, there is mutual agreement - and scientific facts - about the benefits of frequent meditation.

The proven benefits are at least:

  • Better blood circulation and lower blood pressure
  • A lower heart rate
  • Less stress, anxiety and mental stability
  • A feeling of satisfaction and peace

Meditation can yield many more benefits per individual. A meditation coach or guru can tell you a lot more about this in a personal one-on-one conversation.

What is the benefit of meditation with a emote coach via TheONE?

If meditation in different forms is as old as mankind, TheONE adds the latest technological development to it. Meditation via Live Video Chat with a meditation guru. Of course you can listen to a nicely - probably commercially - composed YouTube meditation video, but what do you do with your questions? And what if it fails to find the peace in mind that meditation is meant for? With TheONE there is a meditation coach who can help you instantly by answering your question.

Mediting under supervision has - at least - the following benefits

  1. You can get personal voice guidance from an experienced meditation guru.
  2. He or she watches your posture and breathing. Breathing is crucial in meditation!
  3. Within a short time you will know which meditation form suits you best and you can do it yourself.
  4. You only pay per minute and that is cheaper than a course.

Frequently made mistakes when meditating

Meditating is easy and everyone can do it, but the media seems to have made a circus of what you can and should not do and should do. Common misperceptions about meditation are:

  • You have to control your thoughts!

This is completely the opposite of the essence of meditation. Let your thoughts flow and accept that you have them. They may be there!

  • Meditation you learn through the years!

Nonsense. Meditation is a moment for yourself. That can start now whenever and wherever you want.

  • Meditation does not make sense without proper breathing!

This is something like: Without football shoes I can not play football. Nonsense!

  • To meditate, I have to be alone....

It is true that some people are easily distracted, but sometimes it is better for those people to start meditating in a busy space to learn how to focus.

Why pay for a meditation coach?

TheONE obliges you to nothing. Meditation coaches can explain you more and better than a simple piece of text about what meditation can do and could mean for you. Because you pay per minute you know when you have enough information and want to end the call. However you look at it, it is always cheaper than following a meditation training.

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