Gönül Damla

I'm the ONE I'm the ONE who is cook,nurse,sociologist, psychologist,dancer,great listener.

My areas of expertise

Beauty & Health #Nursing

Language #Turkish #english

Kitchen & BBQ #Chicken wings #Soup #Pasta #Kebab

Food/health #diet

Teaching #math #english

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About me

I'm Damla. I'm studying Psychology and Sociology. I graduated from Medical High School as a nurse. I'm a dancer mostly on latin and Turkish folkdance. I'm a great cook and love cooking. My friends always say that I'm a great listener and advice giver and I listen without judging.I can give you basic medical information about your medical condition. I can teach you basic moves for latin dance mostly on Salsa and Bachata.I'm Turkish. It means that I can translate mostly everything English to Turkish and Turkish to English. My english level is B2. Also I'm good at in Math. I can gladly help you about it.