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Ik ben The ONE I am the ONE for Photography Safari Experiences in Asia

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Contact me for free and let's me help you with your photography or travel plans in Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam. Currently I am based in Amsterdam-Netherlands.
Professional Photographer Michael Klinkhamer is The ONE leading a daily photography workshop-tour based in Cambodia- Phnom Penh. During our photo tours, you will get to see locations, meet people and learn/experience photography tips no other tourist guide will show you.
I can give you advice on photography and travel in Asia.
I offer since 2013 a reality photography experience.
Discover Phnom Penh City with your own camera with me.
The ONE experience is designed to give you real-life views of Cambodia's- Phnom Penh's exciting days and hot nightlife.
More information and Booking options are enabled by contacting me directly here by clicking the contact me button or via our agent partners: Tripadvisor and Viator.

Longer 3-5-10 day tours/treks/adventures Cambodia/Vietnam/Laos wide into the wild are available; Angkor Wat tour, Mekong river tour, Jungle hiking photo, and video workshop tours.
Michael is also shooting photography and video clips for NGO clients and businesses and magazines, check out my video Youtube profile.
Contact me for your adventure, photography education, or advertising location finder, fixer, local guide, visual productions. If you want to look along with me in Southeast Asia, Thailand. Vietnam. Cambodia, Laos experience contact us here:
For Bookings Call: +855 (0) 60873847. e-mail:
Daily picture updates at Instagram:

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mijn reviews (3)
Dagmar Tanalana Wan Chai District, Hong Kong

Michael was extremely knowledgeable and he really was so enthousiastic about the area. I had so much fun during this tour.