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Personal coaching #Digital Marketing #entrepreneur #empowering #motivation #Career #Business development

Consultancy #Digital Marketing #Business plan #Startup #Sales #Marketing #Strategy #Start up

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About me

Looking for solutions to increase your sales and help your business grow?
Want to understand how I can help you get the best results through Inbound and outbound strategies?

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➡️ Finally, who is Luis Pimentel?

I am passionate about the digital world, who from an early age I dedicated myself to Information and Communication Technologies, development of strategies and creation and management of business projects.

My curiosity and premature involvement in the business world has led me to gain a vision and comprehensive understanding of the importance of customer value, the need to monitor and optimize using the most diverse and innovative techniques of Digital Marketing.

Currently, I have been working for companies from a wide range of sectors, associations and foundations.

I am also a fan of gadgets, new technologies, travel and design.

➡️ What can I do for you?

If you are looking to acquire new customers for your business then there are several ways to help you.

- Specialized Consulting
- Online and Face Training
- Business Development Services
- Digital Marketing Services
- Diagnosis, Planning and Strategy

Feel free to contact me if you need any additional information.
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Marisa Canoa Lisbon, Portugal

Excellent understanding and knowledge! (Real life examples, not only theories)