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Rick De Vlieger

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Aalsmeer, Netherlands

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Ik ben The ONE Who knows about management & online marketing strategy.

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Rick De Vlieger's media
Rick De Vlieger's media
Rick De Vlieger's media
Rick De Vlieger's media
Over mij

I am the co-founder of SocioMerce. An agency specialized in B2B sales via LinkedIn.

I'm passionate about online marketing. For ten years I worked at an online ad agency. For them I created several price comparison tools that are used by hundreds of websites.

One of my hobbies is creating websites. The biggest thrill is to attract lots of visitors.

Most of my websites are about my hobbies. It is a way for me to increase my technical skills, but also to learn more about a subject.

I'm interested in design, so I started a blog about Dutch design (
I wanted to do more with my business background, so I started a website about management models (
For my wife I started a food blog (

In my spare time I play soccer. Usually with people much older then me :-)