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Marie Mestre


Hérault, France

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Tous les jours 00:00 - 00:30 (UTC+1)

Je suis The ONE that can help you enjoy learning and become bilingual.

Mon domaine de competences
  • Enseignants & tuteurs
    • Literature
    • Language learning
    • Language teacher
    • French
    • Frenchglish
    • French classes
    • english
    • English Language Support
    • grammar
    • francais
  • Professeurs de langues
    • language
    • english
    • English - french
    • francais
    • French
    • French conversation
    • French to english
A propos de moi

I am a French woman living in Scotland. I studied literature and want to share my passion for its art, and also help anyone struggling or wanting to learn another either French or English.