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Valeria Tkachenko

guitar teacher

Dobrovelychkivs'kyi district, Ukraine

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Я the ONE I'm here to help people with their music dreams.

Мои экспертные области
  • Музыка
    • Guitar playing
    • Music theory basics
  • Искусство & ремесло
    • Writing song
Обо мне

Hi! I'm just a student from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Now my city in ruins, with my workplace and university, so I moved to Europe for my safety. In Ukraine I worked as a music teacher in SK Vocal Studio, helped people to find their talent in guitar playing, and with their own songs. I worked with childrens, teens, adults and for me it was the best thing in my life, because its perfect, when you see smile on any person's face. I really want to help people to understand, how music and guitar works, because I thing that it is special kind of magic.