I'm the ONE Who knows Bout Mental health issues.. Always helps to talk,I'm Here??!

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i Was diagnosed with Emotionally, Unstable Personality disorder quite a few years back now.. Or Old Name Borderline Personality disorder!! mental health Can Be REALLY Hard to deal with an live with, An Even now stil misunderstood.. Usually Can Take Years an Years to be Properly diagnosed Stil Even Now too!! its Hard an Quite Often Alot of Depression comes into it, I Know How it Feels.. it Always Helps to Talk, Specially When its Someone who Understands an Knows How You Feel Too!! Wanna Try an Help Somelse if I Can, Call Me AnyTime.. if Your jst a Bit down, Or Suicidal PLZ Call for a Chat???! Or Even if it Seems jst Trivial an Small.. With Mental health even small stuf Can Be REAL Hard, So Im Here to Listen???!x ;-)😉 message if you need to talk other hours and ill do my very best too Ok?!!