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how to get your first customers on calltheone

Signing up to CallTheONE is easy, but then the real work starts if you want to regularly serve new customers. Of course there are a lot of people who are looking for specific expertise at TheONE, but the number of providers is also growing. Below we explain step by step how you can grow from your first customer to a stable number of customers with which you can generate an above-average income.

Steps to get customers on TheONE

It doesn't take much to get your first customer through TheONE, but it does take a little effort. Go through the steps and before you know it you'll get your first call from someone who needs you.

Step 1: A clear profile page

Within your profile, your expertises are the most important. First of all because people search on these words and secondly because Google will recognize these hashtags and will show them in the future.

Tip: Hashtags only need to be 1 word and not whole sentences. Make sure you have enough hashtags within 1 kind of expertise. For example, if you are a coach, enter words that you know your customers will look for.

Each profile is shown with a sentence that starts with: I'm TheONE... Fill it in with what people can call you for. For example: I'm TheONE that you can call for relationship problems.

Tip: The clearer this statement, the sooner people know what they can call you for.

Show yourself by using a good profile photo. Customers want to be able to see who they will be able to call. You can use the background photo to tell something more about yourself. For example, in which branch you are active.

Tip: Holiday photos are fun, but many customers often want a more serious picture. If you don't have a good portrait photo, you can of course make a selfie.

Tell something about yourself. People want to know something about your background and why they should call you for a certain help.

Tip: Start with why you're passionate about your expertise and then explain why you're qualified.

Keep your price reasonable. Of course, you can charge a very high or a very low amount per minute, but both can deter potential customers. Get to know what someone with your qualities is worth and keep it real.

Tip: Too high a price can scare people away because they don't know you yet and too low a price can scare people away because they may think you're not a professional yet.

Step 2: Use your own URL

You can change your own URL. By default this is You can use it in your email to customers or on your business card. You can even decide never to give your phone number to anyone again. If they want to call you, this URL is sufficient.

Tip: You can also place your profile and your personal url on your own site if you have one.

Step 3: Show yourself on social media

By sharing your profile on all your social media channels, you can reach a lot of potential customers very quickly. Don't hesitate to post your own profile and ask people to share it. This way, your services will become known to people who need your help, but don't know you yet.

Tip: It's perfectly normal on social media to share your profile over and over again at intervals of a few weeks. Always make sure you have a different text for your posts.

Step 4: Write articles about certain topics

One of he most effective ways to attract new customers is to write articles. You can publish them on TheONE by sending them to or you can apply to 150 sites that has listed.

Always refer to your own url and mention what you have to offer. The articles that quickly bring you publicity and potential customers have more than 1000 words about a subject that you know a lot about and that you have written yourself.

Tip: Blogs rarely or never accept a copied or overwritten text because Google will punish that with a lower ranking.

Step 5: Tell everyone what you do

The people around you will give you a new customer and know what you can do. So tell them what you're doing and how they can find you on TheONE. The oldest and most effective way of advertising is word of mouth.

Ask everyone around you to promote you and if they know anyone else who wants to use your knowledge or services.