I'm the ONE I'm the ONE. I ponder creatively and seek to offer brilliant ideas and solutions

My areas of expertise

Language #Innovation #Creativity #efficiency #Fair Trade #Necessities #entrepreneurship #ThinkerForHire

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About me

My full name is Adriano Luigi Maglione, and I am Franco-British-French-Italian.
I achieve well in what I am truly interested in and see as important; however I do not like repetitive, predictable, and simple progress like that in school or working for a company.
I proudly (but humbly in public) consider myself a strong thinker. I constantly calculate in my head how things can be improved; made more efficient; cheaper; less work force needed; with fairer trade which is both good for company/corporation image as well as customer satisfaction.
I have a variety of passions such as studying the History of Human-kind, debating politics & philosophy, and going on various adventures.
I have many great concepts and ideas, however nobody to work them with; and I have a serious knack at improvisation in any setting or situation- whether its dealing with a person, or a problem.
I study International Business in a University called Schiller International University in Madrid, but feel like I should be doing so much more.
I strongly advise you to give me a quick shot at a video call to let me prove my worth to you.
Adrien Maglione