I'm the ONE to empower you, in order to share yourself authentic to the world,when you show up in the world with a bit of compassion, a dash of perseverance and a tenderness towards humanity, you are part of the solution.Keep sharing YOUR voice. it matters!

My areas of expertise

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About me

After a long carreer on stage and in front of the camera,now more focussed in the rol of realisation and coaching.
My life experience brings me at the point I want to empower others.
Stay true to yourself on stage.
Dare to be vulnerable and true and share this to others.
What touches you really?
What is your story?
How can you share it with others?
How can you stay relaxed and by yourself in front of people?
All those questions and even more I love to answer with you and help you to find your way to deal with it.
So don t hessistate to call me I will make time for you, because it makes more happy to share amd help you out.