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I'm the ONE helper for advice related life ,related bliss, love medetation.

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Local guide #Olny sacred spots

Beauty & Health #Herbal ingredent info.

Wellness #Void yoga tips #Void medetation tips #Bliss meditation

Personal coaching #Tips for life im nature

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About me

i live in india in himachal pradesh midd himalayan range and im son of farmer and so itoo am a farmer and also small white occult student. and i love to understand nature and follow it. which made mee spiritual in nature and my father told me to medetate in childhood and i excprenced some thing which no one was able to answer not even first master father after that i got shifted to city for study etc. i stoped spirotual practices after some years i again get in too it amd again some very unique expriences happened and again questions and doughts about those states . then i eas able to study and do some research then o did some study and it keep on going on and on and i got answers and many other secrets which i found practically accurate. and now im helping faminy and occult ,medetation diety worshipers, amd spell type of stuff butt via different methords. i studdied many amd found many effective stuff . but i my self dont like to obtain powers because powers cause hinderance in libration from non permanent material world it plays with mind ego amd intellect becaue in rality natire power and its play trics joys its all manifestations are endless . knowledge have no end its endless web of mystries. so to be on good side i dont lile obtaining powers and also recomend others to dont fall in trap of mastery over any diety or element etc power. but if any one still want i will help but they will jave to pay for their karma if they do some bad by using this stuff and good if done good . i personelly belive being beyond good and bad but yes these two are also realiteis of materialistic world and of subtle planes to of dieties kind of entities. and doing good amd baad depends from perosn to perosn from his knowledge exprience understanding etc which perosn obtain from sences to his mind intellect ego etc.

so here im to help if any one intrested because this topic is most contradictorary so every one have some different kind of views due to past infomations influence and biological old memories etc stuff. so those who are open and ready for universal natures sanatan system. amd want help and stuck any where im ready to help teach with logiac and practicle results. .
om shanti om may all beings be happy blissfull always om.