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Sarah Sparr

3rd grade teacher

Harford County, United States

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English Native

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I'm the ONE I’m the one to be supportive and helpful in any way possible.

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I am an educator. I start every day with optimism and understand that nothing is perfect. I enjoy learning, am flexible when necessary, and love the grasping of new concepts. I aspire to always be organized, passionate, and on time. I believe children are the future and hope to guide them in seeing that too. I supply a safe learning environment for everyone and generate a sense of community. I understand that no one is the same, and welcome differences because diversity is beautiful. I express the importance of all content areas while connecting them to the real world. I am a mathematician, scientist, historian, writer and so much more. I believe to teach something effectively I must fully understand it. I provide manipulatives and open tasks for problem-solving. I guide inquiry with creativity. I am a role model to many and act as such. I am forever learning from individuals of all ages. I set realistic goals and reassess when things don’t go as planned. I enjoy receiving and providing support. I am charismatic and have confidence in everyone’s ability to succeed. I inform the minds of the future to aid in developing their own voices. I get excited over new pencils, erasers, and smelly markers. I care about the achievements of others. I manage a classroom, while also being fun, welcoming and engaging. I am an educator.