Alptekin Uzun
Alptekin Uzun
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I'm the ONE I'm a social scientist, economist, political analyst, and I'm working on defense
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Çankaya ,  Turkey
Languages: German, English, Turkish
self control alternative business student humanitarian istanbul economic capital industrial area business development economics mba hr admin business consultancy all of finance
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Andrea  Castellanos
Andrea Castellanos
$ 0.07 PM
I'm the ONE Always giving advise and hoping the best to other. i am allways here to listen
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Barcelona ,  Spain
Languages: English, Spanish
self control love self love self healing barcelona home remedies homemade lotions asian food fast vegan cooking healthy recipes vegetables receipt # tiramisu parenting love life advice friendship
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Ahidul Hoque
Ahidul Hoque
$ 0.06 PM
I'm the ONE from Greater London, United Kingdom
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Aircraft Engineer
Greater London ,  United Kingdom
Languages: Hindi, Arabic
self control physics chemistry biology love drive history sightseeing city guide queen's park romance parks chilling party foodie
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Aliska Robinson
Aliska Robinson
$ 0.13 PM
I'm the ONE talk
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New York County ,  United States
Languages: English
self control love prayer the bible respect self love basic just talk readings new york city bronx manhattan harlem happiness skin maintenence advice natural beauty tips
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