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Andrés Vinicio Arévalo Romero

Architecture/ books

Metropolitan District of Quito, Ecuador

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I'm the ONE I´m the ONE that likes to learn and teach as much subjects and topics as I can.

My areas of expertise
  • Construction professionals
    • architect
  • Creatives & designers
    • architecture
    • Designer
    • Rendering
    • Photoshop Photo Editing
    • Painting
    • Murals
  • Language teachers
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About me

I am an architect from Loja, Ecuador. I am very passionate about my profession, but also enjoy and practice other disciplines such as art, illustration, reading, playing drums or guitar and trying to learn something new everyday.

Along my lifetime, I've had many encounters and experiences on different labor fields with different professionals, which have made me realize that English is an important tool in today´s world.

I'm familiar with private and group lessons, I've worked with children and adults of all ages in levels from A1 to C2 and preparing college students for English tests in master and doctorate course. I lived in the States for some time in my teenage years and that´s how I managed to learn the correct pronunciation and the use of expressions that are not taught in normal English courses.