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Ashmita Aswal

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Amritsar, India

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I'm the ONE who is always ready to learn from others and share my knowledge with others.

My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • english
  • Teachers & tutors
    • early childhood
    • English as a second lenguage
    • English class
    • English conversaton
    • English for Kids
    • English for travel
    • english help
  • Language teachers
    • English as second language
    • english
About me

I have worked in an institution as an Assistant Teacher for 1 year and 4 months. Now I take home tuitions and side by side I am preparing for my UGC exam. I am pursuing my Masters in English which has been delayed due to corona virus otherwise I would have completed my masters. I have also been studying korean since 4 months because I have applied to some Korean schools where I can teach English as a second language(ESL) but they require TEFL certificate for which the fees is such that I am not able to afford. So, I learnt about this app in Linkedln and made my profile on this app so that I can earn some money and do my course. I can teach ESL, English grammar and also almost all the theory subjects till class 10th.