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Tamara Harrell

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Muscogee County, United States

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I'm the ONE I'm the one who knows what hurts and heals holes in heart's and souls

My areas of expertise
  • Other
    • Call a friend
    • dealing with pressure
    • depression
    • Anxiety
    • Self confidence
    • Self reliance
    • Self respect
    • Selfexpression
    • Self compassion
    • Self control
    • Motherhood
    • Parent supoort
    • Personal listener
    • Personal shopper
    • creative
    • Positivity
  • Life coaches
    • Lif
    • Life Hacks
About me

I am a mother of a special needs child. I know what its like to be stressed worried and depressed. I also know what it feels like to be free. Im interested in being a friend, sounding board and confident. Im great at listening and offering helpful advice . I have a great since of humor and can always se the upside of situations. Im no licensed professional but i know people. I know what hurts and I know what helps and heals hearts. Right now my passion is living exploring myself and developing my own business. Im the one who has a natural easy love for people in general . I know that everyone needs empathy sympathy and compassion . I also believe that loving others means giving of yourself even if all you can provide is a listening ear. I know that sometimes we all just need to vent and for someone to listen objectively. I am who wants to hear what you have to say and possibly offer the advice of my own experiences. I love dogs, style, and fashion. Id like to know your pains and passions. I just want to be available for that someone who needs me!