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Katie Connell

Circus student

Bath and North East Somerset, United Kingdom

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English Native

French Proficient

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Every day 00:00 - 00:30 ()

I'm the ONE ... because I bring experiences from Cameroon to Greece to France to you!

My areas of expertise
  • Musicians & singers
    • vocal exercises
    • voice control
    • Voice
    • Stagecraft
    • Warm ups
  • Life coaches
    • positive coaching
    • listening
    • Listener
    • Joy
    • Communication
    • Communication trainer
    • Facing challenges
  • Teachers & tutors
    • English as a second lenguage
    • English for travel
    • English for Kids
    • English for business
    • English lit
    • Maths Support
    • Maths Primary school
    • Political Science
    • Literature
    • History homework
    • Homework assistance
    • Essay editing
    • essay outline
    • Homework completion
    • English as a second language
    • French classes
  • Language teachers
    • English - french
    • english
    • french as a foreign language
    • french language tutor
    • French to english
    • French lesson
    • francais
    • Anglais
    • French
    • French conversation
About me

I have a passion for combining art, literature, and language into my work in the non-profit sector. I believe we all have incredible things to contribute to our communities (be they virtual or all around us) and we must work together with honesty and openness to help make this place a more equitable, just, open and collaborative world for everyone. Skill sharing like this is one amazing way to identify how we can help each other along!