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I am a Civil Engineer by profession and been working in UAE for 10 years. During my time in UAE, I travel a lot to diffrent places in Europe such as Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Netherland, Georgia and Germany. I have been to the rich historical city of Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. All these time as a Filipino passport holder we need to apply for visa to travel to these countries and that makes me expert in this field. in fact i have my own visa in Canada but I migrated lately in Portugal. I have been into the beautiful cities of Bangkok and Phuket Thailand.
Due to my vast experience in Dubai, i have processed several visas as well to help my family and relatives to come to Dubai and work. Finally I have helped them find and settle in UAE and that my expertise for visa rules and regulations are also wide and exclellent. if you are looking to visit, work and travel in cuntries such as UAE, Canada and Europe. i am here to assist you.

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