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Zita Dusa

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Utrecht, Netherlands

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I'm the ONE who helps improve physical & mental wellbeing and helps you grow online

My areas of expertise
  • Consultants
    • User-centred design
    • Speciality coffee
    • Import
    • Campaign management
    • Website traffic
  • Local people
    • utrecht
    • Bali
  • Language teachers
    • hungarian
    • english
    • dutch
  • Business coaches
    • Startups
  • Marketers
    • Online marketing
    • Facebook
    • Content marketing
    • Campaigns
    • Content Creating
    • Conversion optimalisation
    • Facebook Ads
  • Beauty & Health specialists
    • Vegetarian cuisine
    • Vegetarian Diet
    • Vegetarian nutrition
    • vegetarian recipes
  • Kitchen & BBQ masters
    • vegetarian food
  • Other
    • Animal rights
    • Animal welfare campaigning
About me

I am a/an:


What kind of professional experience I have:

* Over 6 years in Digital business and online growth. Divers online marketing & website development related roles (from strategy, facilitating workshops, conversion optimisation to setting up social and adwords campaigns). Most recent experience and success came from work in building powerful and effective online campaigns.
* In 2017 I started my own company ( in importing coffee from Indonesia in a fair and human way. I started this company mainly for two reasons: (1) create more awareness in people on the impact of their consumption and (2) because I believe starting your own company teaches you more than sitting behind a desk. In 2020 I had to put a pause on this endeavour but now am equipped with all the experiences and know-how of starting a busineas in coffee - woop woop!

What I love to learn about: psychology, nutrition, sports and gardening.

What makes me happy: discovering new destinations and people, family, friends, swimming, surfing, dancing and love. 

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