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Berlin, Germany

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Sunday 00:00 - 00:30 (UTC+1)
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Thursday 08:00 - 18:00 (UTC+1)
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I'm the ONE I am the ONE in DESIGN - Think design act design

My areas of expertise
  • Language teachers
    • english
  • Creatives & designers
    • design
    • Design Thinking
    • Graphic Design
    • video editing
    • brand identity design
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About me

I`m the ONE if you want to have catchy graphic posters and catchy social media images. I have worked with an agency in Florence for more than two years supporting all kind of graphics solutions and user-friendly context.
I have finished my bachelor at the famous university of Florence and now finishing my master in the most famous design school in Europe, University of Bauhaus Weimar.
I have a really good reputation for video editing as well. I have worked with different NGOs and produced them several videos. and won a price on T-shirt design once!
Feel free to contact me and discuss!