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Antony Buonomo

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I'm the ONE Emmy-winner designer, doesn’t know when to quit, will teach you the same mindset

My areas of expertise
  • Creatives & designers
    • photoshop
    • Typography
    • adobe
    • Adobe after effects
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Graphic Design
    • design
    • animation
    • editting
    • screenwriting
    • cinema4D
    • Creative Thinking
    • brainstorm
    • Logo design
    • Photography#filmmaking#writing
    • Idea
  • Life coaches
    • freelancing
    • Creativity
    • Create Value
    • creative mind
    • Open ear
    • Life Coach
    • Perseverance
    • personal coach
    • Person to talk to
Antony Buonomo's media
About me

I am a writer/animator with long experience in many areas of the creative industries. I am an Emmy winning designer, I have worked on Oscar-winning films, and for many years was a producer and director for the BBC.
Recently I have been writing short stories and screenplays, and have a couple attached to producers.
I am used to conveying ideas simply and forcefully, with maximum impact and engagement.
Also, because of my animation and filmmaking experience, I understand the relationship between words and pictures very well.
I am an artist and have exhibited in London and Glasgow.
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