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Maria Lia Dartiguelongue

Freelance Life Coach

Bariloche Department, Argentina

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I'm the ONE who will accompany you to become a different observer of your reality to grow up

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About me

I am working since 2016 as a freelance Life Coach. By now, I worked with more than 300 clients in one-on-one coaching sessions, and more than 500 attended my special workshops.
I am really proud of making the decision to quit my steady job in my forties in order to discover new horizons. I always felt attracted of human being and behavior and I decided to do something absolutely related to that. I discover I do love to motivate and empower people to fulfill their dreams and inspire to take out the best of their selves for their own benefit and of the others.
I’ve been 16 years (1998-2014) working at Santander Bank rotating among different job positions (Bank teller, Loan processor, Mortgage consultant, Investment representative, Credit analyst, etc) and always in charge of HR of my bank branch.
During 2019, I was call to do a specific HR work (for 14 months) in a 6 hotels group in order to empower their 350 employees, improve their organizational climate and nurture their culture. My role had such a broad impact on the organization in that I had worked motivation and leadership coaching with the 6 Managers and their assistants, team building work, internal communication and employee soft skills training, performance management, policy development, compliance work, etc. Being a seasonal Resort, I had to recruit, source, screen, and hire 90 extra employees, out of nearly 1.000 resumes we received, in order to temporarily cover different job positions in each hotel.
I have a prior vast experience in HR with recruitment, sourcing, screening, hiring, etc, developed during my 16 years working at a Multinational Bank and for my former work at a 6 Hotels Resort with 450 employees.
My academic background in HR and being a trained Life Coach made me a passionate about people. I really feel confident about problems solving, negotiating, influencing, facilitation, decision-making, and conflict resolution with great interpersonal and analytical skills.
As far as I am not a native speaker, I do love English language, I consider myself good enough at written and spoken English, ever anxious to improve it.
And the last but not the least, it is concerning currency conversion…being Argentinean and living in Argentina, I can be a substantially cheaper alternative for Companies abroad.
I am opened minded, outgoing and friendly…I’m a Life Coach!!!!
Living in Patagonia Argentina, I am a passionate mountain biker and skier. My only daughter is working and traveling around the world. I'm happily married to Nico.

my reviews (3)
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