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I'm the ONE I’m the one who can be by your side to solve your everyday problem

My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • leadership
    • motivation
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    • personal
  • Teachers & tutors
    • english
    • Eph
    • social
  • Language teachers
    • Nepali
  • Other
    • shortstorieswriter
About me

Hello, I’m Yukesh
Im from Hongkong. I hve Graduated my high from Williamsburg Academy, utah, USA and i’m a university student.
I have been working in the field of Education,Leadership as a tutor and mentor for more than an year. Motivating, building leadership skills, Figuring out and solving problems and giving others people life a better purpose has been my passion. Since its human nature when we help somebody with something we feel so delightful and that delightfullness becomes your passion and your life purpose in no certain time.
I write short stories, blogs, and my goal is to reach out people and make them question themselves about them.
I do make some illustrations, direction and also have djing skills cause every skills is worthy to be equipped and to learn.
I have more than a year experience motivating students and teaching them through a very different way rather than a traditional way of teaching. I like connecting things and making them more simpler cause i believe when we make things simple for people they tend to learn and go for it ! which makes them understand the basic and by our little support and motivation they are sure to pursue it to another dimension.
I have learned leadership in my high school which makes me see,think and pursue things/problems/people in a very different way. I see problems as an opportunity and i see disaster as the ground for new begining.