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Giovanna Clapis


São Paulo, Brazil

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Every day 09:00 - 21:00 (UTC-3)

I'm the ONE who learns everything I can in order to know this world.

My areas of expertise
  • Local people
    • São Paulo
    • Ribeirão Preto
  • Teachers & tutors
    • spanish
    • english
    • history
    • geography
    • geopolitics
  • Language teachers
    • Portuguese
    • spanish
    • Spanish and English
  • Creatives & designers
    • Graphic Design
    • illustrator
    • photoshop
    • Logo design
    • Digital art
    • editing
    • Creative Writing
  • Consultants
    • Marketing
  • Marketers
    • social media
About me

It's funny to call something "expertise" since nowadays we learn so many different skills. For example, I'm a graduate in International Affairs, but I teach Portuguese, English, and Spanish. I work with creative writing, graphic design, and digital marketing. I produce content for a nerd culture platform. I also play guitar, illustrate and write fiction. I plan trips and tours, translate books and articles, cook and practice yoga.
Am I an expert in any of those things? No, I'm just good at them. The point is to learn a lot of things well, and never stop searching for knowledge!