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Amber Flint

Healer/Full Time Mom

Kent County, United States

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English Native

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I'm the ONE I'm the ONE who has been through it all, experience often, conquered everything

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My areas of expertise
  • Beauty & Health specialists
    • natural
    • makeup
    • hair care
    • Cleanse
    • eating habits
    • Coaching
    • consumption
    • portions
    • Meals
    • food groups
    • greens
    • Trends
    • style
Amber Flint's media
Amber Flint's media
About me

I have always had a urge to help and heal people in any way that I possibly can; it makes my day to help someone whether it is physically or just with advice! I am the person that loves to make a difference in the world even if that means one person at a time. I love science, I am pursuing a degree in Biochemistry. I am a full time single mother and I also work full time at a grocery store stocking the shelves and helping my local community. Even if it meant to push my needs or problems aside i will to help someone else. I love the woods, nature and anything natural. One of my hobbies is reading tarot cards and teaching all about that category and sub category's.