Embed your
TheONE profile

You can embed your profile in your own website. This way people can directly find your profile on your website and call you even easier.


If you have access to the HTML of your website, just copy paste below code to where you want your profile to show up.

<div id="theone" class="theone" data-to-root data-user="[your-user-name]"></div>

<script src="https://www.calltheone.com/embed" language="javascript"></script>

Wordpress Plugin

Easily add your user profile to your Wordpress website.
Download below plugin, unzip and copy it to your /wp-content/plugins directory, and activate it from your plugins admin panel.
You will have a widget and shortcode available.

To use the widget, just go to widgets and drag the 'TheONE Embed' widget to the widget area you want. Fill out a 'user' and the size (full or compact).

To use the shortcode, use below options to show the shortcode for your user in regular or small style.

[theone user='<i>your-user-name</i>']