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Alexandru Dobre


Bucharest, Romania

Local time:

Alexandru will be available in 2 hours 26 mins

English Proficient

Romanian Native

my availability
Every day 17:30 - 19:30 (UTC+2)

I'm the ONE to shed light on the path you choose to follow!

My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • Coaching
    • Life coaching
    • Meditation
    • life
    • Life Advice
    • Path
    • Life Path
    • Inspiration
    • motivation
    • counseling
    • Life style
    • Choice
    • Life choices
  • Other
    • spirituality
    • Destiny
    • Divinity
    • Religion
    • philosophy
    • psychology
    • Humanity
    • Energy
    • Bioenergy
    • Radiestezy
    • Spirt
    • Spirit force
    • Life purpose
    • Tarot card reading
    • intuitive
Alexandru Dobre's media
Alexandru Dobre's media
Alexandru Dobre's media
About me

Do you want to be more interesting, charismatic, sexy, handsome or beautiful?
I can get you in the right mindset, give you the proper tools and show you how it's done.

Is The Past bothering you ( frustration ) or The Future seems abysmal ( anxiety )?
I can show you how to ground yourself in The Present and lose the limitations brought by fear, anxiety and frustration.
Be the best version of yourself starting from today.

Do you struggle with decisions? Do you have low self-esteem? Are you lacking confidence?
I will point you in the right direction so that you can gain for yourself all that you need to grow into a powerful human.

Are Enthusiasm, Motivation, Inspiration missing from your life?
Learn from me how to get them back.

Is Spirituality a big question mark for you?
Let's explore together what you spirit craves for.

Empathy and Observation define most of my interactions.

My credentials:
I am an Achology Life Coach. I am an NLP Master Counselor. I am a Radiestezy & Bioenergy Healing and Regeneration Practitioner. I am an Engineer. I am a Philosopher. I am a Programmer.