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Durrës District, Albania

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I'm the ONE , who listens to you without interrupting and gives you the best advice.

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My areas of expertise
  • Local people
    • Durres
    • Restaurants
    • english guide
    • russian guide
    • kruje
    • tirane
    • shqiperi
    • albanian guide
    • travel companion
    • Travel Guide
  • Life coaches
    • Personal development
    • wellness
    • Improvement
    • relationship counseling
    • relationshipcoach
    • obesity solutions
    • holding you back
    • identifing obstacles
    • strategicplanning
    • Emotional support
    • Stress relief
    • Stress management
    • family support
    • Career advice
    • Career choices
    • career counselling
    • Friendly conversation
    • Friend advise
    • Life Advice
    • life goals
  • Teachers & tutors
    • Teaching English
    • teaching russian
    • teaching albanian
  • Language teachers
    • English teacher
    • russian teacher
    • italian teacher
    • russian to english
    • albanian teacher
    • esl teacher
    • English as second language
    • Russian
    • italian
    • Albanian
About me

I am a caring person that loves putting smiles in peoples faces. I understand that life is hard and sometimes it can seem like there is no other way, but that's why I am here for. I am a volunteer in pension houses and I offer my time and my devoted attention to those who need a person to be there for them. I am a pre-med student, who understand that the peace of mind is the most important thing to live a healthy life.