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Peer Jürgens

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Cologne, Germany

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I'm the ONE Life Coach aus Köln der dir zu einem Leben voller Selbstliebe und Freiheit hilft

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My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • Life coaching
    • Life Coach
    • Emotional Coach
    • mental coach
    • selflove
    • Meditation
    • Habits
    • morning routine
  • Business coaches
    • Business Coaching
    • business coach
  • Yoga & meditation teachers
    • Meditation teacher
    • Breathing teacher
Peer Jürgens 's media
Peer Jürgens 's media
Peer Jürgens 's media
Peer Jürgens 's media
About me

Peer Jürgens works as a life coach and lives in Cologne. He has made his passion and life beliefs his mission and now helps people to live a fulfilled and happy life. He is doing this with a deep way of coaching and helping his clients to get powerful insights which shift their way of seeing their world – and actually shift their life. In his 10-year career as a project leader, manager and recruitment consultant, he has had his ups and downs. At the age of 23 Peer rushed into a burnout with full speed, self-critical voice and extreme demands on himself. This wake-up call of his mind and body motivated him to reflect intensively on himself for the next 6 years. This was followed by coaching sessions, (world) travels, meditation retreats and a lot of books about personality development. Today he is very grateful for this time. He feels calm, full of love and has his life under control – of course never perfect – as we all know – that does not exist. But he learned to change his life for himself so that it can be called a WONDERFUL LIFE! The path to there wasnt’t an on/off switch, but a path full of ups and downs. When asked what helped him most to get there, he answers: „Loving, helpful and inspiring people to whom I am deeply grateful! Now Peer is on the giving side and living his calling: ❤ Living Service ❤. The most important thing from this time that he has now understood: It is always worth to invest in yourself and to continue growing – to dream, plan and actively shape your own life!