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Lars Konijnenberg

Marketing Strategist

Gorinchem, Netherlands

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Dutch Native

English Proficient

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Monday 08:00 - 14:30 (UTC+1)
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I'm the ONE Who can help you scale and grow you business through creative marketing strategy

My areas of expertise
  • Creatives & designers
    • photoshop
    • photo and video equipment
    • Photography
  • Life coaches
    • personal growth
  • Business coaches
    • Online business
    • social selling
    • social media
    • copywriting
    • Conversion optimisation
    • Website management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Advice about marketing
    • Facebook Marketing
    • Growth hacking
    • Growth hacker
    • Lead Generation
  • Consultants
    • Marketing Plan
    • Advertising
    • E-commerce
    • saas
    • wordpress
    • marketing tips
    • digital marketing specialist
    • facebook advertising
    • Lead Generation
    • Growth hacking
  • Marketers
    • Social media marketing
    • Marketing and communication
    • Marketing
    • Marketing Coaching
    • Facebook Ads
    • personal branding
About me

I’ve always enjoyed generating the best possible outcome through looking at situations in creative, unconventional ways.

Combining and optimising marketing, sales, digital entrepreneurism, web development, and photography has taught me to constantly improve, reflect and reinvent. Tweaking, testing, analyzing steps along the way, and generating ideas that could influence massive change, are all tasks I am passionate about that merge with my line of work. As a result, my job is something I have grown to love. I am passionate about helping individuals communicate their values and share their goals.

Connecting with others, finding out what makes them tick and helping them think of new, inventive - and even disruptive - ways of looking at situations is my way of life. I’m curious to delve deeper and am often described as straightforward. I don’t hold bars to what is socially acceptable in asking personal questions, as long as it serves a greater purpose and ultimate benefit.