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Teri Fox

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Jefferson County, United States

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I'm the ONE Who can teach you how to find your Inner Truth and Power.

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My areas of expertise
  • Creatives & designers
    • Acrylic painting
    • nature photography
    • landscape art
  • Gardeners
    • Love
    • Healing through Nature
  • Yoga & meditation teachers
    • mindfullness
    • Deep relaxation
    • gentle yoga
    • The art of going within
  • Alternative science specialists
    • Healing Naturally
    • Healthy habits
  • Local people
    • local trail experience
    • local nature guide
  • Beauty & Health specialists
    • natural health and beauty
  • Life coaches
    • manifest happiness
  • Food & health trainers
    • carnivore healing
    • Essential oils healing
  • Other
    • certified spirit junkie alumni
    • Graduate under Tony Robbins
    • gregg Braden student
    • Power of eight graduate
    • dr. joe dispenza student
    • lynne mctaggart student
    • graduate under gabby Bernstein
    • wim hof student
    • lewis Howse student
    • dru yoga student
    • associate of arts graduate
  • M Unity

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About me

Over the last five years, I have passionately studied many avenues of self healing. I am a graduate of Tony Robbins, and gained knowledge from the Unleash The Power Within training course. I am a graduate of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his Advanced meditation workshop. I became an Alumni of Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass Certification course. I am a graduate of Gregg Braden and his beautiful teachings of how to live in your heart, and I admire his life's work, helping in the evolution of the consciousness of mankind. I am a graduate of Lynn Mctaggart's Power of Eight course, practicing her techniques with a group that she formed of other graduates, helping mankind through the power of Intention. I am a student of Wim Hof and his breathing and cold therapy techniques. I am a student of Lewis Howes and his teachings of how to be an entrepreneur and a life coach to others. I am an Emotional Freedom Technique Student of Tapping from the teachings of Nick Ortner and his wonderful Siblings. I am a student of Dru Yoga based out of Snowdonia in Whales. I have been practicing Dru Techniques for over 3 years. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion and drive to help others, and it would be my honor to help you.

I have been motivated to find that true purpose in life; when in reality I have learned that you have to become what you want in your energy and lifestyle, and from there you can manifest greatness. Through the power of going within and observing your own internal power, you can create whatever you want in life. Through meditation, slowing down from the hustle and bustle in life, and allowing myself to go within, I have realized that this world is actually a reflection of what is in your heart. Through the lessons I have learned over the years, it is now my passion to give these internal lessons to all who are open to receive.

Beyond my interest in helping and inspiring others, I have an Associate's Degree in Art. My favorite styles of art are landscape and nature paintings and photography. I practie techniques with Acryilic, watercolor, and have a knowledge of Oil painting. I am also a mix medium artist. I love to create art that helps people heal, and you can too!! With my painting lessons, you can create art with your energy, not just a paintbrush. If this intrigues you, give me a call- let's
create together.

Do you sense that you have something big to offer this world, but are afraid or unsure of how to create your passions? You are not alone. It is my job and my passion, to offer you the tools you need to succeed, with whatever you want to accomplish. Call me or send me a message, so I can help you today. Let's change the world, together.