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I'm the ONE I am the ONE who can get you in healthy and beautiful shape

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About me

Around 5 years ago I came to the gym as a member looking around and trying to figure out what to do and how to bring myself in shape. I was following a lot of YouTube videos and training apps, which presented a variety of exercises but none of them were explaining the foundations of training. On top of confusion I already got from what I was following, I was completely lost in nutrition field because of the various diet styles presented online. Although didn’t know which one is really healthy and helpful, I decided to try them on, discovering things myself; the things which didn’t really work for me. Now I know that the real reason of why all these apps, videos and diets didn’t work is because I simply didn’t have a strategic comprehensive plan to follow which I got after I hired a professional and experienced personal trainer who helped me to reach my goals taking the healthiest and fastest route. His quality support and my own transformation inspired me to help others who are just like myself spending hours at the gym and can not get to where they want to be physically and mentally. Based my experience and my wanting to help others I decided to get myself certified as a personal trainer as well because of my understanding of nutritional aspect of getting into shape, I also decided to upon getting certified as a fitness nutrition specialist.
I am experienced in training different people under different age and with different goals and abilities: starting from those who’ve never worked out before and had to lose excessive amount of stored body fat; coming to those who had health issues (such as back, shoulders and/or knee injuries and surgeries); or those who want to get themselves into fitness model shape or want to get into different type of competitions.
I do not follow one particular style of training, catering to different clients’ goals, physical and mental abilities. My own intention is to help each client to eventually turn exercising from a duty to their lifestyle, to help them be more functional and healthy.