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Sunday 10:00 - 18:30 (UTC-6)
Monday 10:00 - 18:00 (UTC-6)
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I'm the ONE who will turn your vision into reality. So believe it!

My areas of expertise
  • IT & Electronics experts
    • coding
    • Gaming
    • Pc building
  • Financial & legal advisors
    • Finance
  • Teachers & tutors
    • math
    • programming
  • Language teachers
    • Vietnamese
    • english
  • Creatives & designers
    • design
    • Web Design/Development
Sang Ngo's media
Sang Ngo's media
Sang Ngo's media
Sang Ngo's media
Sang Ngo's media
About me

Hi there. I am Sang. I am just a typical web guy with a love and passion for web design and development, and everything else related to web technology. I am also a big fan of manga, animation, and video games. That hobby, more or less, influences the design of my portfolio website. But if you prefer a different approach to your design, I am here to listen to it.

Additionally, I am highly skilled in financial management and can show you some tips and advice for managing your monthly expense using Google spreadsheet or excel. Technically speaking, I have been using this tool to manage my monthly budgets and investment for almost 3 years and feel confident in helping you achieve your financial goals. Moreover, if you want to create a spreadsheet that automatically gives you the result from just a few initial inputs, I can help.

Oh almost forget, did I tell you I am also a coffee lover? Gotta admit it's an unbreakable habit. I must have one cup of coffee every morning to get me ready for a long journey ahead. By the way, did I already have my coffee? Man, gotta go and make some. Look forward to seeing you soon!