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Ivan Mac Donald

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Uthukela DC, South Africa

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I'm the ONE Who aims to heal you and motivate you to feel alive, free, and face the world

My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • Life Advice
    • Life Skills
    • depression
    • Dealing with stress
    • Healing
    • optimism
    • Open mindedness
    • Wellbeing
    • Dealing with depression
    • motivation
    • love yourself
    • Acceptance
About me

Well Hi there, thank you for stumbling onto my page to learn a little more about me and my passions. I am final year Psychology student, with close to 2 years of experience under my belt, who is looking for a way to really change the world for the better. I am extremely emotive and emotionally driven, so I always aim to do my best to connect and heal, to understand and help people accept what is going on in their lives, to be a friend for those who feel alone.

I do aim to continue my studies in therapy and aim for both Honours and Masters in my respected field of work and will be trying my hardest to accomplish that.

I am, however, still a young 21 year old student, so there are concepts that are new and confusing to me, that I may not be the best at helping with, however that doesn't mean I won't be trying my hardest to help anyone and everyone cope.