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Elisabeth Cáceres Muñoz

Spanish teacher

Málaga, Spain

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I'm the ONE I'm the ONE who is going to teach you Spanish in a easy and funny way

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About me

My name is Elisabeth, I was born in Granada, but I have lived almost all my life in Málaga also a southern city of Spain. I have studied Translation and Interpreting of English, French and Italian. I did a Master degree in teaching foreign languages and methodology of languages. In addition, to complete my studies, I decided to do a course to teach my mother tongue, Spanish. My passion has always been traveling ( I did live in Birmingham, Tunbridge Wells in the UK and also in Paris, France), I travelled to Italy which I love and other countries like Germany or Ireland. I also love music (I'm quite Eurofan) from modern flamenco until Indie and in some case reggaeton (but not too much) I love teaching myself as well, and I'm very curious about other things like history, culture, languages, etc. During confinement I have realized that I am not that bad at cooking ;) and painting mandalas