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James Glenn

Student Athlete

Los Angeles County, United States

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English Native

Spanish Conversational

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Every day 08:30 - 23:59 (UTC-8)

I'm the ONE I'm the ONE for motivation, a fitness plan, school help. Give me a shot!

My areas of expertise
  • Life coaches
    • motivation
    • Motivate
    • inspire
    • Inspiration
    • Kindness
  • Sports & fitness trainers
    • Calisthenics
    • Calisthenics workout
    • Workout
    • Routine
    • Home workouts
    • Home gym
    • Fitness at home
    • fitness plan
    • Fitness
  • Teachers & tutors
    • Middle school tutor
    • High school level
    • math
    • spanish
  • Language teachers
    • english
    • Basic spanish
About me

I like hard work, reading, playing the guitar, working out, and hanging out with my friends and family. I'm a year ahead in school, a cheerful soul and I play football.