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I'm the ONE that can help you with fashion design and master French and discover Japanese!

My areas of expertise
  • Language teachers
    • French
    • french as a foreign language
    • french language tutor
    • French lesson
    • French to english
    • English - french
    • japanese - english
    • French conversation
  • Teachers & tutors
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    • French lesson
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    • fashion
    • Fashion Design
    • menswear
    • tailoring
    • hat making
  • Creatives & designers
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    • Fashion Design
    • Fashion tips
    • Fashion illustration
    • Fashion styling
    • Sewing
    • tailoring
    • hat making
    • Pattern cutting
About me

I am a passionate and creative jack-of-all-trades born in Quebec City and raised in a bilingual French and English environment presently actively searching for employment. I have been an avid reader from an early age, which led me to write my own stories and garnered me several literature-related academic prizes. Aside from writing, I have performed theatrically on stage, hosted events as an MC, participated in improving showcases, and have been involved in many public-expression-projects since the age of six. This solid foundation helps me deliver eloquent presentations and interpretations.

Throughout my life, I have formally and informally studied men’s tailoring and hat making, as well as Japanese language and culture. For ten years I lived in Japan and developed my skillset in performing an array of different jobs from translation and interpretation to marketing. Those for me have been walking hand in hand with my artistic and expressive background.

Early in my Japanese journey, I was a costume maker and MC for a high-end cabaret bar and restaurant and was also an interpreter for both business-oriented and leisurely customers. Then, I transitioned into a role as an assistant designer for a fashion brand, serving as a translator and interpreter between my employer and the foreign companies manufacturing our clothing line. I also oversaw the examination of samplers and amelioration reports.

One of my later positions in Japan had me overseeing translation and localisation as a specialist responsible for social media content, customer service, and website maintenance for a kimono rental company. My last job prior to relocating to England was at a software company, where my translation and localisation skills were used in the software development, social media, and marketing promotion, and in creating tutorial content.
I am presently working part-time and remotely as a stylist for the company Stitch Fix, an interesting blend between fashion and technology. This American company recently expanded in the UK and see its demand flourishing. I am mainly in charge of styling the client according to the preferences noted on their profile, escalate issues, deal with compliance and train weekly to improve my skills as a stylist.