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Seville, Spain

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I'm the ONE Soy the ONE, porque es un modo cómodo y práctico de impartir y recibir clases.

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  • Teachers & tutors
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    • High school
    • AdultEducation
    • Infantil education
  • Language teachers
    • english
    • French
    • spanish
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    • Catalan
  • Local people
    • Sevilla
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    • United Kingdom
    • America
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    • Italy
About me

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am spanish . I studied Humanities and Infantil Education. I have studied B2 English, French, Catalán, B1 German and A2 Italian. I am free teacher in Spain and it is my passion! I love speaking with different people, to be in the street, because Sevilla is fantastic! I have lived here since 2018 and I am very happy because people are very friendly. The weather is incredible and my family don't live very far. They live in Castilla La Mancha, around 300km.
I would like to help you, write me, please! 😊